Clever Ways To Keep You And Your Baby Occupied

Taking care of a newborn can easily be both the simplest and most difficult thing you’ve ever done. There is no denying that the joy of having a child is indescribable. However, after spending all hours of the day (and night) cleaning up after, feeding, changing, and entertaining your baby it’s easy to feel worn-out, alone, or even bored. While there is certainly no shortage of books, articles, and blogs that advise parents on the rights and wrongs of infant care, the conversation often stops there. During the infant stage of your child’s life it is pertinent that you are not only focusing on the well-being of your baby, but of yourself as well. Elle, of the popular YouTube channel WhatsUpMoms, couldn’t agree more, and she even has a bit of advice for those parents who are struggling to enjoy the time they spend with their newborn.

WhatsUpMoms is a YouTube channel dedicated to inspiring, informing, and entertaining new parents. In her latest video, Elle describes the side of parenthood that isn’t always talked about: boredom. She argues that, while babies are incredibly cute and exciting, they do not provide parents with the same adult interactions that used to fill their days. Without the stimulation of interacting with your usual social group, it becomes very easy to become bored with your new life at home. However, this mom argues that life with your newborn doesn’t always have to be this way. In her latest video, she provides five simple ways to occupy your baby while also occupying yourself. Check out what she has to say!



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