Incredibly Clever Ways To Repurpose All Your Unwanted Pennies

Loose pennies are one of those things that just seems to accumulate and before you know it, you’ve got more than you know what to do with. You could get creative and repurpose your unwanted coins into some pretty unique items! 

1. This tongue-in-cheek stamped penny can be incorporated into almost any piece of jewelry.

Ways to repurpose pennies1

2. String multiple pennies together for a chic modern necklace.

Ways to repurpose pennies2

3. Or, remove the faces for a rustic touch to your jewelry.

Ways to repurpose pennies3

4. These buttons add a dash of whimsy to your wardrobe.

Ways to repurpose pennies4

5. While these curved buttons were made using a doming block.

Ways to repurpose pennies5

6. If you don’t want to wear your recycled pennies, there are lots of other inventive ways to incorporate them into your home decor. These penny coasters are a fun home accessory.

Ways to repurpose pennies6

7. So are these lovely napkin rings.

Ways to repurpose pennies7

8. Serve your guests in style with this shiny tray.

Ways to repurpose pennies8

9. These spinning penny toys will keep your younger guests entertained for hours.

Ways to repurpose pennies9

10. Brighten up any floral arrangement with this mosaic penny vase.

Ways to repurpose pennies10

11. Or paint the pennies white for clean, uniform look.

Ways to repurpose pennies11

12. This color-coded penny arrangement makes a simple but eye-catching art piece.

Ways to repurpose pennies12

13. Use the dates on pennies to create a meaningful gift for life’s momentous occasions.

Ways to repurpose pennies13

14. Create an elegant mirror frame like this one.

Ways to repurpose pennies14

15. You can even “mirror” the penny’s shape for a twist on the same idea.

Ways to repurpose pennies15

16. With pennies, you can add anything to your wall. You can do words…

Ways to repurpose pennies16

17. …or three-dimensional art guaranteed to make a statement.

Ways to repurpose pennies17

18. You can also use the penny’s natural shine to catch the sunlight in your garden.

Ways to repurpose pennies18

19. And add a unique touch to a simple birdhouse.

Ways to repurpose pennies19

20. This tabletop creates a never-ending optical illusion in your home.

Ways to repurpose pennies20

21. And this bar brings some subtle texture into the kitchen.

Ways to repurpose pennies21

22. This penny-lined coffee table is clearly the focal point of any room.

Ways to repurpose pennies22

23. If you’re feeling really ambitious, make yourself an entire wall out of pennies!

Ways to repurpose pennies23

24. Or, create a bold accent piece by placing the pennies on a section of the wall.

Ways to repurpose pennies24

25. Finally, top them all with this penny-coated kitchen floor.

Ways to repurpose pennies25

For any of these projects, you’ll need to decide if you want your pennies to have a weathered effect or if you prefer that they look shiny and new. Try this technique to remove grime off of old pennies and restore the natural copper sheen underneath.


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