She Sticks Tea Bags Inside Her Cheeks. I Had No Idea This Would Be The Result…

Nothing hits the spot quite like a fresh cup of tea, whether you are trying to get a fresh start to the day or just trying to relax at night. Tea has long been treasured for its benefits in improving health and inducing relaxation.

In America alone, over 158 million people are drink tea every day.  This amounts to a lot of tea bags being thrown out on a daily basis, but, before you toss out the bag from your next cup, consider that used bags can still be helpful in many ways. You’d be surprised to know that tea bags are great for more than just making tea.  Here are just a few of the uses:

Soothing Sunburns

ways to use old tea bags

The tannic acid found in black tea can help soothe skin that has been damaged from sunburns. The next time you get a sunburn, soak a bag of black tea in cool water and compress it against the burn. This will help relieve any pain and speed up the healing process.


Soothing Tired Eyes

ways to use old tea bags

Being rich in tannins, black tea is also great for soothing puffy eyes. Additionally, the caffeine will help to increase circulation and reduce the appearance of dark circles. So, the next time you haven’t gotten enough sleep, try freshening up by compressing a couple of soaked bags of black tea on your eyes in the morning.


Relieving Minor Burns

ways to use old tea bags

In the same way that black tea can help with sunburns, it can also help alleviate the pain from minor accidental burns as well. All you have to do is soak a bag in cold water and compress it against the injury.


An Enriching Hair Rinse

ways to use old tea bags

As effective as tea can be for providing nutrients to the skin, it is also great for enriching the hair and scalp. In fact, tea can help with everything from dandruff control to bringing back your hair’s natural shine.

Wart Removal

ways to use old tea bags

The unique properties of green tea make it an effective means of preventing warts from growing. All you have to do is put a soaked tea bag against the wart, then keep it secured with a bandage for 15 minutes. Once the 15 minutes are up, replace it with another bag for an additional 15 to 20 minutes. If you do this for 15 days, the wart should turn black and fall off easily.