Man Shamed A Woman Who Ridiculed Him For Being White And Privileged

So at lunch today my coworker was talking about the cost of her son’s upcoming college tuition to which I made a brief statement saying how any kid going to college should try their damnedest applying to any scholarship they can get their hands on, every cent counts.

For some reason, my coworker instantly snapped at me saying “well that’s truly easy for someone like you to say. A young well to do a white man like yourself easily has an advantage over everyone else with these kinds of things; you should check your privilege”.

I let her finish and then replied “well IDK who has a precise advantage or what have you, I know there’s all sorts of scholarships and it was just a suggestion. I also find it a bit rude to automatically assume my life has been better than most people just because I was born white and a man. To hold some belief that all white men are living such great lives and fit in some sort of statistic is pretty silly. The world isn’t becoming a better place with people going around with all sorts of assumptions and unwarranted anger.”

I then kindly said how I am more than willing to explain to her that my life wasn’t some glamorous privileged experience she assumed it to be.

I was literally dumped off at an orphanage at age , went through some of the worst facilities ever to be built for education (rampant violence, drug abuse, and teachers literally quitting within the first month), didn’t get adopted, turned 18 and got the boot as is the reality for many people in foster care.

So I decided to take up a job doing dishes at a local café and taking the little belongings I had to a local men’s shelter. Things were going ok for awhile until I began to realize how hostile of an environment shelters are. I had people threatening me for the little money I had, shoes, and other things.

I think what many people don’t realize is that local police tend to take the crazies and other characters off the streets by throwing them into shelters instead of making any formal arrests or sending people to institutions. So you basically have a lot of mentally troubled people confined in tight quarters who are not likely to act the most rational.
Deciding that I didn’t want to be put into an early unmarked grave, I packed up my backpack and decided to head westward to work odd jobs nobody wanted to do in areas where people could offer you a little money and somewhere dry to sleep. Yes, I became a hobo.

Eventually, as my resume began to develop with the amount of people I helped across the Southern and Midwest US, I had begun to establish quite a number of ties (among other hobos and people with homes). I also kept myself informed and busy by visiting local libraries for hours reading up on current events, history, technology and various other subjects.

After a couple of years of being a hobo, I was offered a permanent position at a produce company. Through working my tail off, I managed to climb the ranks and am currently sitting in a nice position.

Long story short, I didn’t have the nicest of lives and ate out of more dumpsters than I have in restaurants.

I know times are rough and everyone’s getting hit hard but it’s kinda crazy to start arbitrarily marking people as being on top of the world just because they were born with things that they have no control over.

Start a conversation with some open dialogue before jumping down someone’s throat and declaring all this stuff as being the case. She later apologized.

Don’t judge a book by its cover.


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