Medical Student Does This Terrible Act In The Hospital

The problem with convincing every woman they have to have a baby in order to have a fulfilling life is that it can cause some severe backlash in the strangest of ways.

That’s the only explanation I could think of to explain this woman’s actions when I came across the CCTV footage in the video below.

The story comes from a hospital in Russia, where a newborn baby named Marina was stuck in the pediatric ward due to an early birth. While hospital staff were taking care of the little girl her 23-year-old mother (whose name is undisclosed) was sent home and told not to worry, and they would contact her with any updates. That’s a fairly standard practice in most hospitals, but no one expected what came next.

The CCTV’s caught 23-year-old Yekaterina M., a medical student, entering the hospital with a large green bag. Nothing out of the ordinary so far, but when she leaves she’s carrying something oddly heavy, or awkward at that position. She stole the baby!

If the end is true and her own baby passed away recently then I can slightly understand why she attempted to steal Marina, but there still shouldn’t be forgiveness for her actions either. What do you think would be the right thing to do in the end?


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