Family Night At Chuck E. Cheese Goes Wrong When Two Women Engage In Brutal Fight

Recently, family night at Chuck E. Cheese’s turned violent when two women began fighting. They were throwing fists and pulling each other’s hair as children celebrated a birthday nearby.

The 2-minute video, shows two unidentified women trading blows as stunned children and parents look on. The fight took place at a Chuck E. Cheese in Indianapolis, where employees and several customers, unsuccessfully tried to separate the female brawlers.

“Are you serious?” one woman asked.

While an employee tells a co-worker to call the police, the women later separated but continued shouting at each other in front of dozens of customers.

Cujo Bailey recorded the fight and posted it on Facebook. Bailey said he did not intend to capture the fight on camera but was recording his son while celebrating his daughter’s birthday.

“You just see the type of videos all the time now, so it kind of looks like the kind of stuff that you see on Facebook,” he said. “The lady came in yelling at the other lady, and they exchanged some words, and the fight took off from there.”

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