After His Best Friend Was Killed And Left Behind A Pregnant Wife, He Became A Surrogate Dad

We were three best friends from age one. Two guys and a girl. Since we were toddlers, we have been inseparable and as time progressed the girl and one of the guys fell madly in love. It never bothered the other guy; they were all still best friends. They even asked him to perform their marriage ceremony, and there was not a dry eye in the house.

The guys are going out one night to pick up Thai food for his very pregnant wife at home when kid texting on the phone runs a red light, and they T-bone him going too fast. Airbag hits father to be in a one in a million spot, and his chest cavity starts filling blood from a torn valve or something. He has no idea he is dying, and his only concern Is for his buddy who has broken his back, leg, arm among other things. Father-to-be dies at the scene.

Mother to be is devastated. Friend goes on to make a complete recovery being motivated to not let his two best friends child have any less of a life.

He raises the child as if it were his own, helping to heal the wife who is his other best friend come to terms with her grief. Takes the child to school every day, picks him up every day and most heart wrenching are the conversations they have with the deceased father every day so that his son will grow up still knowing who his father is. Is he trying to move in on his best friends life? Absolutely not. The wife is like a sister to him, and he would never even consider it. He has put his own life on hold to try to fix a horrible situation and asks nothing in return said that the memory of his dead friend is never forgotten. This guy lives in a world of pain both physically and mentally because of that car wreck but never lets the wife and child see it. He gets very defensive if you call him a parent and will tell you his deceased friend is the parent he just can’t be there. I understand, but I still think he is a wonderful parent.

wonderful parent

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