Day Care Owner Asks Employee Who Is Always Late To Step Outside For A Discussion…

When this employer found out about a long-term employee was ill, he did one of the most ingenious and humane things we’ve ever heard.   

Pay it forward

Veronica Solis has been a cook at a day care center for more than three years. She was an exemplary employee who has been fighting cancer.  She was struggling to get to work, because she did not own a car.  She was tardy on a regular basis because of it.

Her employer, Alex Rios, had to have a discussion with Veronica about her tardiness issue.  When Veronica was late, yet again, he approached her and asked her to come outside.  Of course, her heart sank and she thought she may lose her job. 

When they got outside, he revealed the solution to their mutual problem.

Alex Rios presented his dedicated employee with a car to help her get to work and the doctor’s office.  Veronica was overwhelmed and grateful.  Watch her reaction in this video.


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