Dedicated Woman Has Been At The Same Job For Over 70 Years…

Did you know that the average person will have up to seven different careers in their lifetime? While the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics does not keep official records on an individual’s number of careers, an average of seven has come up over and over again in independent studies. According to Forbes, job-hopping is only becoming more prevalent – in fact, 91% of millennials say they don’t expect to stay at a job for more than three years. If the numbers are right, that could mean working more than 20 different jobs in their lifetime. Sounds kind of exhausting, right?

At Sutter Health Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Oakland, California, however, is a woman who has been employed for 70 years. The 90-year-old, self-proclaimed “Frank Sinatra groupie,” started with the company as a fresh-faced young nurse on April 10, 1946. After serving as a physician’s assistant for 59 years, she moved to patient relations, which (as you’ll see) is a perfect fit for her bright and bubbly personality. Perhaps the most amazing part is that Elena has only taken a total of four sick days in that entire time!

Elena has a few secrets to her success, but the top two? “Keep moving” and “wear heels.” While my feet are questioning the second bit, there’s no doubt that when you look good, you feel good. The spirit and passion that Elena brings to work every day is something we should all strive for, whether we change jobs seven times or work in the same building for 70 years. As Elena says, “I want to work forever.” And we think she just might!


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