10 People Who Attended The Worst Wedding Ceremonies Imaginable

Planning a wedding might be one of the most hair-tearing, time-consuming things ever. It’s OK because our wedding, something we’re planning to have only once in our lives, should be perfect. It will be the biggest thing we’re both going to go through together (until we have kids, but that’s for another time, right?) and that’s why we’re spending more time making sure things are in order, going over the caterer’s menu, our guest list, all of the arrangements….

I’ve learned over the years that you can plan things to a tee, but it won’t always go according to plan. You can’t control the guests and that means you can’t control what they say or do during reception, especially with your open bar and all.

1. Jarry, 24

“I’ve been to a wedding where for the sake of saving money, they didn’t have tables or chairs. But they had a buffet. We all had to stand around and put our drinks down every time to try and eat the food.”

2. David, 28

“This one is pretty unbelievable. Imagine like the most perfect wedding, right, blue sky, great weather, everything was going along really great. Then at the reception, the groom’s brother takes the microphone from the DJ and proceeds to propose to his girlfriend. That really pissed the groom off. He leapt from the table and dragged his brother out of the building and we all heard him just go at his brother. I picked up on a few of the phrases he used and I’ve used them a couple of times. Totally creative.”

3. Nicholas, 26

“A guest had an allergic reaction to coconut shrimp. She didn’t realize she had a coconut allergy. That ruined everyone’s night since it was the mother of the bride.”

4. Sandra, 24

“Oh my god, I went to a wedding last year where the best man got so drunk, during his speech he started the ‘remember that one time when…’ story and it ended up with him and the groom at a strip club licking banana vodka off a stripper’s stomach. The bride wasn’t too pleased to hear that.”

5. Aaron, 27

“Never going to a winter wedding again. The church it was held at had no fucking heat. No. Heat. Can you believe that shit? Two hours in and my hands and feet were frozen solid. I felt bad for the old people there.”

6. Fanny, 29

“I went to a friend’s wedding in rural Georgia. Being the only Asian there, there were some wisecracks, but it wasn’t anything that was blatantly racist. The wedding was held outside during summer, so we were all sweating heavily. When it came time for drinks, it turned out that someone forgot the ice, so we were left with warm beer and water. At least the food turned out to be awesome.”

7. Kristine, 25

“One of the guests at the party had a heart attack. That really ruined it for everyone, but the mother of the bride kept insisting that we keep going because it was going to be a ‘good day’.”

8. Xavier, 25

“The groom’s father, who was in his early seventies passed out from the heat. The wedding had to be stopped and the ambulance called. He was fine, but really shaky for the rest of the evening.”

9. Sam, 27

“I went to a really Christian ceremony. The parents of the bride were super strict and they pulled the groom (my best friend) off to the side in front of everyone and basically threatened him if he ever cheated on her. I thought he was going to cry. Who does that on someone’s wedding day?”

10. Jeremy, 25

“For some reason unbeknownst to me, the groom’s ex-girlfriend was in attendance. She got trashed and berated the groom in front of everyone. The bride grabbed her by the hair and people had to separate the two from the floor. I took some photos.”


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