When Coughing Keeps You Awake, Try This Natural Ginger Wrap for Instant Relief

Is there anything more annoying than a persistent cough? Hacking, coughing up phlegm, not being able to get any sleep: it’s a recipe for absolute misery. And most of us would take just about anything to make it all stop.

But the truth is that most commercial cough syrups have some pretty nasty and powerful additives and ingredients that may not be safe for everyone, especially children. They can make you drowsy and loopy, meaning driving is out of the question. The ingredients codeine and dextromethorphan, both narcotics and cough suppressants, are commonly found in prescription and OTC cough syrups. Some people even have very bad reactions to these ingredients, ranging from migraine headaches to rapid heart rate.

Instead, try this natural remedy that won’t have any bad side effects. You’ll need some fresh ginger, a bit of raw honey, some olive oil, a dash of flour, and finally, a bit of binding material, like gauze, and adhesive tape that’s designed to hold bandages in place.

For the recipe, mix the flour into the honey, stir well, add a dash of olive oil and then grate the fresh ginger into the entire mixture. Now spread the paste you’ve created on the gauze and wrap it tightly on your chest area with the adhesive.

For kids, you can leave this homemade cough-alleviating brew on for as long as three hours. Grownups can keep it on longer, even overnight. Be sure your bed is well set up with cotton sheets, because it could cause you to sweat.

In the morning, you should be feeling clearer and coughing much less.


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