Twenty-One Year Old Single Mother Of 3 Is Treated To A Grocery Shopping Spree

Today me and the girls went grocery shopping, alone. I can’t even count how many dirty looks I got. Yes, I am 21, I have 3 kids, three and under. Yes, they’re all from the same dad but no, were not married and no longer together. I never would’ve thought that I would end up a single mother with three kids. 5 months ago I was just a stay home mom with two toddlers and weeks from my due date with our third.

I thought life was perfect and I was going to marry the man of my dreams, then life happened. I’ve suffered from severe anxiety, post-partum depression, and just overall heartbreak. I’ve started my very first job, going back to school to graduate and began my life again, with my three girls by my side. I’m working on myself, learning who I am and what I want after years of putting my man and children’s needs before myself. This journey is terrifying, but I’m so glad I have a family and friends by my side to help me. I’m going to continue pushing myself every day to achieve all the goals I have set. I deserve it. And my children deserve to see their mama happy!

young single mother


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