Zac Brown Shares A New Country Song About His Grandmother That Will Melt Your Heart

While we eagerly wait to hear more from Dave Cobb’s highly anticipated concept album “Southern Family,” fans can feast their ears on Zac Brown’s touching tribute to the project — “Grandma’s Garden.”

The tender loving tune is an ode to his grandmother, and a reflection on Zac’s personal life growing up in what he says in the tune is his nana’s ‘garden.’

She’d say I love to watch the seeds I’ve planted.
Grow up into what they outta be.
Oh, I thought she was talking about tomatoes, but she was talking about her family.

Penned by Skip Ewing and Donny Kees, the song is built up like a story. In the song, Zac breaks away from his bandmates and taps out of the modern-day genre-bending sounds that normally pour out of his band. Instead, he flies solo and plunges toward an old-fashioned approach by picking guitar and sharing harmonies alongside an angelic female voice.

“Southern Family” unveils family stories rooted in a collection of artists. Their contributions on the album breathes life back into their southern ties. Some, but not all of the other artists, featured on the record include Miranda Lambert and her beau Anderson East, as well as Chris Stapleton and Jason Isbell.

Southern Family will be released on March 18 via Cobb’s imprint, Low Country Sound.


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