Navy Man Hurries To Greet Wife Only To See Pregnant Belly And Know She Lied During Deployment

Chris Daugherty, a US Navy man, was recently deployed to the western Pacific. The following week, his wife Natasha discovered she was pregnant with their fourth child.

At first, Natasha told Chris to call her so she could deliver the news during his deployment. But then she changed the plan and came up with the sneakiest idea possible.

Natasha decided to keep the pregnancy a secret until Chris returned from deployment six months later.

It was no easy feat, but Natasha made sure to cover her tracks. She’d hide her growing baby bump in Facebook photos. And she kept quiet about the pregnancy whenever she Skyped with Chris.

Then, in June 2017, Chris returned home to California. In the video below, Chris rushes to greet their three kids before Natasha drops her giant sign — to reveal she’s 7 and a half months pregnant!

You do not want to miss his stunned reaction.

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