Sleeping Naked: The Benefits Of Hitting The Hay In Your Birthday Suit

To paraphrase Fran Leibowitz, the only acceptable response to the question, “Can I be frank with you?” is “Yes, if I can be Barbara.”

That said, I think it’s about time that we all get frank on a topic we tend to avoid altogether. Namely, our all-together. Birthday suits. Au naturel. I’m talking about nudity here.

We’re happy to accept nudity as comic relief, as in this hilarious and daring talent performance, and in a wide variety of recent blockbusters. In fact, it shows up in media all the time, one way or another.

But we’re not as good at talking about nudity with regard to our own lifestyles. That’s why I am here today to talk about the unsung benefits of stripping down and letting it all hang out!

Now, obviously, we all know that there are a time and place for nudity, but I don’t think that we always take advantage of the many benefits of being naked when we have the opportunity.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in our sleep habits.

While plenty of folks sleep nude, there are scores more who go the pajama-clad route, and unwittingly miss out on a whole host of health benefits in the process.

Buff Benefit #1: You’ll Rest Easy

sleeping naked benefits

Did you know that your body temperature has to drop half a degree in order for you to fall into a sound sleep?

It’s much harder for your body to accomplish that (and maintain it throughout the night) if you’re wearing a flannel nightie.

Instead, let your body tackle its nighttime temperature without interference when you’re ready to hit the hay!

Buff Benefit #2: It’s Good For Your “Downstairs”

sleeping naked benefits

You may have heard this one from your mother at some point, but it’s no old wives tale.

Leaving underwear or other tight material over your private parts at night can provide a breeding ground for bacteria and could even give you a yeast infection.

Take the nighttime as an opportunity for a little freedom down there, and let things air out.

Buff Benefit #3: Your Partner Will Like It

sleeping naked benefits

Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to see their significant other naked on a nightly basis?

Even if you feel insecure about your body, we promise that your partner will be more than happy to see you in the buff.

Sleeping naked also has the added benefits of promoting extra intimacy and providing skin-to-skin contact, which strengthens any relationship!

Buff Benefit #4: You’ll Rise And Shine Faster

sleeping naked benefits

You’ll be amazed by how much easier it is to hop out of bed in the morning!

Without PJ’s, you actually wake up cleaner, due to the aforementioned bacteria, and you feel cleaner because you’re less likely to sweat through the extra layers.

Plus, it makes it easier to get cracking on your morning routine, since you don’t have the extra mental barrier of disrobing.

Buff Benefit #5: You’ll Drop A Dress Size

sleeping naked benefits

Weight loss is a pain in the rear and we all know it.

The idea that you can sleep some of the weight away sounds way too good to be true, but stripping down at night can make it a reality.

You burn fewer calories in your sleep, but sleeping in a cool environment is more restful and gives your metabolism a kick to amp up weight loss during the night and day!

Buff Benefit #6: It’s More Comfortable

sleeping naked benefits

How many times have you woken up in the night, fidgety and irritable because of a too-tight cuff, or itchy tag?

It’s hard enough to get comfortable with all your sheets and pillows without having to contend with PJs too.

Skipping the jammies makes thing much easier come bedtime, and you’ll sleep just as snugly (if not more so) with just your covers keeping out the night air.

Buff Benefit #7: You’ll Get That Glow

sleeping naked benefits

It’s hard to say exactly why, but people who sleep in the buff tend to look better the next day.

It’s probably a combination of factors, including the good night’s sleep your getting, the improved cleanliness, and fact that sleeping in the nude makes it easier to shed dead skin and hair and replenish your body’s moisturizing oils as you sleep.

Buff Benefit #8: It’s A Great Stress Reliever

sleeping naked benefits

Start sleeping in the nude, and you’ll probably feel much more relaxed overall.

Once again, this is probably a package deal stemming from better sleep and a feeling of physical well-being.

We tend to think it’s also a subliminal prompt towards a lifestyle shift.

After all, it’s actually pretty brave to shed your PJ’s if you aren’t used to it; that’s bound to be a confidence-booster!

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