Mom With Giant Baby Bump Gives Birth To The Heaviest Twins In Scotland’s History

When Alanna Merrie and her husband, Paul, became pregnant, they were able to guess a few things. Twins run in both sides of the family, so they always knew that was a possibility.

When her belly became bigger than those of most pregnant moms, Alanna had a feeling that she was carrying a pair of heavyset little ones, but even her doctors didn’t quite see this coming.

“I did have a huge bump, though, and total strangers kept coming up to me, asking whether I was going to give birth on the spot, as I was that big,” she said.

Alanna, a doctor herself, had a feeling the twins would be bigger than average. She guessed they would be around five pounds each. She didn’t even buy clothes for the twin boys.

“I didn’t buy them anything, because I didn’t want to risk having to take things back because they didn’t fit them,” she told Daily Mail.

When she did give birth, the boys weighed in at a total of nearly 17 pounds: that’s the size of a 6-month-old and seven pounds heavier than most sets of twins!

“The staff at the hospital were saying to me that they have never delivered twins this big before,” she said.

While Alanna and her husband, Paul, are still waiting for the official records to confirm it, the boys are believed to be the largest set of twins in Scotland’s history. The twins don’t even fit into clothes for newborns.

Get a look at these plump baby boys in the video below.

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