Mom Goes Into Labor With 4th Baby And Whole Delivery Room Shouts As They See It’s Her First Boy

After bringing three beautiful little girls into the world, the parents you’re about to meet decided to keep the gender of their fourth baby a secret. They had a feeling it was going to be another girl, but there was a big part of them that secretly hoped for a little boy.

When Mom went into labor in 2015, the cameras were all set to record the delivery room reaction during the birth of the newest addition to the family.

Out pops the baby, and the doctor quickly reveals to Mom that she finally has the boy she’s been waiting for.

The entire room erupts into cheers and cries, and when the camera pans to Dad you can just see how happy he is. “I don’t know how to call a baby a ‘he!’” she exclaims with tears in her eyes.

Set to the tune of “All-American Girl” by Carrie Underwood, you’re about to witness a truly incredible and raw moment. Luckily for us, the family decided to let the world see it, too.

Note: The video isn’t graphic, but it does show the baby as he’s being born from behind.

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