Devastated Caretaker Loses Job When Best Friend Dies, Then She Looks Inside The Box And Loses It

Cheryl Levy has made it her profession and life’s purpose to care for the elderly. With over 30 years of caretaking experience, this incredible woman puts the well-being of others before her own.

In recent years, Cheryl has experienced a string of personal losses, including the deaths of her mother, father, and husband, all of whom she cared for. Cheryl’s daughters made a promise to her: even when she’s too old to take care of herself, they will never “put her away” in a nursing home — just like Cheryl promised her own parents.

Then came another crushing blow. For years, Cheryl was a live-in caretaker to Bunny, who became not only her employer but also her best friend.

When Bunny passed away just two days after her 89th birthday, Cheryl lost her dearest friend. “She was like a mom to me,” she told FOX5. She also lost her job.

Cheryl’s daughter Jessica realized her mother was now the one who needed love and support. But what Cheryl didn’t know was that Jessica secretly sent a letter to the amazing FOX5 Surprise Squad.

Cheryl was dumbfounded when she opened the door to find a camera crew standing outside.

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