Little Kids In China Perform A Touching Cover Of “You Raise Me Up”

Here at Little Things, we’ve just about seen it all when it comes to reality TV talent shows.

It’s tough to come across a performance that really makes you step back and say “Wow!”, especially when the star is a child. That’s why it’s no surprise the following video has been quickly making the rounds online since it was posted to YouTube just a few days ago.

Jeffrey Li is a 10-year-old boy from Canada who has a great voice on his own. However, when he joins a little girl from Hong Kong named Celine Tam on stage for a duet, they really steal the show on what appears to be a Chinese talent contest. We’ve seen Celine Tam perform before in this beautiful audition for the same show, but when the 7-year-old performs with Jeffrey, you can’t argue that their young voices don’t perfectly balance out one another.

The adorable kids aren’t just extremely talented, they have undeniable stage presence, too. It always amazes me when people can sing so effortlessly in a language different from their own. When the kids sing “You Raise Me Up,” they’re so incredible that I bet even Josh Groban would be impressed!

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