She’s Cleaning Up, Then Turns To See Husband Solved A Mystery That’s Haunted Her For 15 Years

About 15 years ago, Lacey’s mom Kay lost her most important piece of jewelry: her diamond engagement ring. After being married to Dave (her high school sweetheart) for 38 years, that one ring held more sentimental value than anything else Kay had ever owned.

For months, Kay and her family scoured the house. They were beyond disappointed when they couldn’t find it, and came to the conclusion it was either lost on a job site or stolen.

But Kay never stopped looking for the ring or wishing it would magically reappear.

15 years had passed since the ring went missing. Then, on October 26, 2014, Dave was searching for some DVDs in the house when he stumbled upon a heart-shaped box. Inside? The missing engagement ring.

“We knew reuniting them was going to be emotional enough, but dad and I had to add a twist,” Kay and Dave’s daughter Lacey wrote on YouTube.

While Kay was busy cleaning out the pantry in the garage, donning her apron and all, Lacey snuck up behind her with a video camera — and so did Dave. You do not want to miss her reaction when she turns around and realizes what’s going on… and that this is a double surprise in the making.

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