The Real Reason Women Have Underwear Pockets

The older I get, the more things there seem to be that I don’t know. Some of the examples are: In case of emergency, the hole in pen caps are designed to keep kids from blocking their own airways, or the hole in elevator doors is a special keyhole for firefighters to get through.

Everyday objects can be used in ways you never thought of, and I’m still discovering new ones every year. One cool mystery that recently came to light was about women’s underwear pockets.

underwear pockets

Have you ever wondered why practically all women’s underwear have a pouch? It might be because they’re required to. The special tissue in these pouches is designed for comfort and warmth. But still, that’s not an answer. They could just sew it both ways right?

underwear pockets

The most important part about underpants for both men and women is referred to as a gusset. It ensures that your bottom stays dry, while also providing the perfect amount of absorbency.

Why was the gusset created? Well, it eliminates four seams coming together in one spot and creates freedom of movement. A more comfortable wearing experience is also a huge plus! It reduces stress around your crotch area which makes for durable clothing as well as easier crouching.

The double-thickness gussets are normally sewn in with a concealed seam at each end. Who wants to deal with sewing two seams? It’s a right royal pain. It’s surprising how many cheaper brands still use one seam in this area, and the end result is a pocket-like opening.

In cheaper garments, you’ll notice that the seam is left out of one pocket to make sewing faster. With sewing just one end of a gusset, you can save up to 10 to 30 seconds per garment. That’s an awful lot in just one day. This saves you time, and in turn, may lower costs.

underwear pockets

There are a lot of facts about women’s undergarments that may not have been surprising, but these next ones really will take your breath away.

1. The average woman has about 21 pairs of underwear.

underwear pockets

The majority of women change their underwear every day, a study says. But for those who don’t do laundry on time, it’s important to be prepared.

2. 80% of women are wearing the wrong size according to bra-fitting experts.

underwear pockets

When you can’t get comfortable wearing a bra, it’s because your size is wrong.

3. Throw out your underwear and bras once a year, even if you wash them regularly.

underwear pockets

The Good Housekeeping Institute warns, To reduce the risk of the urinary tract and other infections, throw out your underwear every year.

The Sun newspaper reports that if you fail to throw your old underwear, allows bugs such as E. coli and dust mites to flourish, causing problems such as urinary tract infections, thrush, and allergies. Underwears that are in use should be laundered regularly in the hot wash setting. But even with all of that, your clean underwear may still have 10,000 bacteria in it.

4. Don’t panic, The white stain on your underwear is a good sign.

underwear pockets

You’ll notice that your dark underwear starts to turn white on the inside over time. A lot of people connect this bleach-like stain to their detergent or underwear, but it has nothing to do with it. The secretions of our body are what help fight off bad bacteria and help balance the body’s pH level, and these stains can be a result.

5. Not only are women use the wrong bra size, but they’re also making these other underwear mistakes too.

underwear pockets

If you’re wearing something that’s too tight or made of non-cotton material, it could trap moisture and create the perfect environment for an infection. Some people suggest sleeping commando at night. The more the area down there can breathe, the better!

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