Mom Who Breastfeeds 5-Year-Old Son Raises Her Kids Without Any Discipline Or Rules

Adele Allan and her husband raise their children as what many like to call “free-range” kids. They don’t go to school, don’t get vaccinated, and don’t have any rules.

The mother also continues to breastfeed her 5-year-old son and 1-year-old daughter. Adele believes that by raising her children out of “the system” and letting them do what they please, they’ll be more in tune with nature and themselves.

While her son is homeschooled, she doesn’t believe it is necessary to teach him to read and write until he is older. Instead, he is given a few bins with arts, crafts, and toys to stimulate him intellectually.

“Traditional parenting methods rub me the wrong way,” she told Barcroft last year. “The cry-out method for the young babies… the baby has still got that in their DNA from when they used to be hunter-gatherers and they need to feel safe.”

Adele believes that all ailments can be treated naturally. Things like conjunctivitis, she believes, can be cured with the enzymes from breastmilk. She says that if she were to have cancer, even then, she wouldn’t seek medical intervention.

The two children will often pick leaves from a tree and eat them. Her youngest does not wear shoes because Adele believes it allows her to experience life better.

Many criticize the family for their unusual lifestyle out of concern for the safety of their children. However, the couple believes they are doing what’s best for their children.

See more of this family’s alternative lifestyle in the video below.

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