18 Of The Funniest Signs Ever Made By Protestors

Over the past few years, we have seen major events take place around the world. There is always a protest for some cause or another. Although we won’t ever see eye to eye on all of these causes, there are worthy protests. Most protests include signs that deal with an issue that is being protested about, or just insult someone or something. Some of these people decided to head in a more comical direction, and it worked to perfection!

funny protest signs 1

1. What protest would be complete without a time travel joke? Because when we want it truly is irrelevant.

funny protest signs 2

2. Protests don’t often come without sacrifice.

funny protest signs 3

3. No one usually does Brick….no one usually does….

funny protest signs 4

4. Skeletor always has some strong opinions about He-Man.

funny protest signs 5

5. It’s always nice when someone tries to bring some humor into a tense situation.

funny protest signs 6

6. I don’t know if a truer, yet vaguer statement has ever been made.

funny protest signs 7

7. This may be a whole new level of anger I’ve never heard of. I’ve never been so angry that I was compelled to make a sign about it.

funny protest signs 8

8. If you don’t have a lot of friends, maybe go to a protest. It can’t hurt right?

funny protest signs 9

9. The Dude abides.

funny protest signs 10