10 Before-And-After Images Of Random People When They Decided To Stop Drinking

When you booze it up too heavy you risk high blood pressure (hypertension), which can lead to a stroke or heart attack. Not to mention heavy alcohol consumption packs on a ton of extra calories. With 200 calories in a pint of beer and about 230 calories in 100 grams of vodka, that can add up very quickly, translating into bloat and major weight gain.

When someone gives up heavy drinking, the transformation can turn out absolutely stunning. We’ve all seen before and after pics of people who diet, but what about people who give up alcohol? Turns out those are equally impressive and it’s not only weight loss you notice, but a much younger looking appearance. Their skin is much better, almost glowing in comparison to the before pics.

Check these impressive before and after drinking pics out!

#1 7 Months Sober


#2 1 Year Sober


#3 8.5 Months Sober


#4 6 Months Sober


#5 1.5 Years Sober


#6 2 Years Sober


#7 1.5 Years Sober


#8 300 Days Sober


#9 1 Year Sober


#10 1 Year Sober



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