Wife Goes To Release Gender Reveal Balloons As Her Husband Grabs Another Box For The Secret Twin

Kelsie and Patrick’s journey to grow their family was not without its share of utter heartache. Like so many other couples, they miscarried for the first time almost five years ago. Then, they became pregnant with their son Bennett, now almost 4.

Kelsie miscarried again about one year after Bennett’s first birthday, and then again six months later, for the third time. It was almost too much pain to bear.

It took the couple over a year to conceive again, after which they began lots of medical testings and many days of prayer.

When Kelsie and Patrick found out about the pregnancy, the fear and hesitation of not knowing the longevity loomed over them. But during their first ultrasound at seven weeks, the specialist gave them some unexpected news.

They went home and decided to hold off on announcing the pregnancy to anyone until after 12 weeks.

“We had miscarried around the 12-week mark before, and after awhile, it’s tiring on the soul and body to have to take back that joy from family while dealing with our own personal grief,” Kelsie told LittleThings. They also decided to keep the baby’s gender a surprise until the reveal party, during which Kelsie and Patrick planned to open a box full of either blue or pink balloons.

In the gender reveal video below, Patrick tells everyone to wait — just as Kelsie and Patrick go to rip open the box. He runs out of the frame while Kelsie looks at her guests in confusion. When Patrick runs back with a second box, it’s clear that the party is about to take a very unexpected turn.

It’s impossible not to have fun watching the double-rainbow surprise.

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