Graduating Senior Begs The Crowd To Pray With Him During A Scary Medical Emergency

When a medical emergency occurred in the middle of a high school graduation ceremony, the attendees waited silently, fearful of what was to come next.

As the hushed and worried murmurs of the crowd rippled throughout, Clay-Chalkville High School senior Christian Crawford felt the nudge of a faculty member. That member knew of Crawford’s extraordinary oratory abilities, and with that nudge of approval he stepped up to the mic.

The principal had initial concerns when he noticed a student walking up to the microphone during graduation. But when he looked closer and realized it was Crawford, he immediately knew there was no need for any concern. Beloved by his classmates, Crawford is well-known for his respectful demeanor, and all-around good attitude.

When you watch what the young man said in front of his fellow students, you will definitely be cheering him on! But when all was said and done, and the video went viral, Crawford stayed as humble as ever, and simply stated:

“It wasn’t even me, it was all God… That’s when God began to take control… I’m glad the video has gotten this far, but it’s all up to God getting the glory. If God is not getting the glory, then this whole thing is in vain.”

Crawford is getting the attention he deserves, and he’s even been asked to lead the opening prayer for the Alabama legislature. We’re sure we’ll be hearing more from this amazing young man and all that he has to offer to the world!