Woman Bursts Into Laughter In The Middle Of Court When Judge Reads Her Parking Ticket Out Loud

As any driver can testify, getting a ticket for even the most minor traffic or parking violation isn’t fun. Sometimes we get issued fines for a tiny error in judgment we don’t believe should cost us what is sometimes hundreds of dollars!

But one woman in Rhode Island can certainly make a case for getting the most absurd parking ticket we’ve ever heard of. On Caught in Providence, a cameraman caught her in court, challenging the ticket.

She rises as the judge reads the violation out loud, interrupting himself mid-sentence, saying “oh no.”

The driver parked in a space two minutes before it was legal. Her ticket was issued barely a minute before the clock struck 10 when she would then be allowed to park a car in that space. In her defense, she says her car’s clock read 10 before she was handed the ticket!

The jovial judge jokes around, even asking if the punishment for such a crime is jail time. Despite the seriousness of the situation, she can’t help but crack up herself!

Finally, the judge dismisses the silly ticket, much to the woman’s relief. To anyone, two minutes is a negligible amount of time — and the reasonable judge agrees.

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