Dump Buttercream Frosting On Plastic Wrap And Roll It Up Tightly For The Ultimate Icing Trick

We have a genius icing trick that is going to totally revolutionize how you decorate baked goods.

Best of all? You just need one ordinary household supply to make it happen!

If you’ve ever tried to ice a cake, you know it can get messy fast. Even if you’re just going for simple frosting, you have to make sure that the cake is cool enough and the frosting is soft enough, or you end up with a big ol’ crumbly mess.

And if you want to get into rosettes or something more complicated like watercolor frosting? Well, it’s a good idea to come prepared.

Fortunately, we already have the icing trick you need, and you have a supply in your kitchen right now that will make it a whole lot easier. (Hint: we aren’t talking about paper towels.)

Plastic wrap! Plastic wrap is the key. Next time you’re preparing to a frost a cake and need to use a pastry bag, grab some cling film first.

Lay it out on your counter, and dump a generous dollop of your favorite buttercream frosting in the middle of the plastic. Next, spin the plastic shut around the frosting. This will make it so much easier to pack the frosting into the pastry tube.

Just as important, it will make it much easier to clean it out again, and get multiple uses out of the bag!

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