Young Surrogate Carries Baby For Couple But They Don’t Expect To See Extra 2 In Ultrasound

Shaniece Sturdy was watching TV as a teenager when she happened upon a documentary about surrogacy. From that moment on, she was interested in one day becoming a surrogate for a couple struggling to grow their family.

Years passed, and after the birth of her son, Shaniece decided to seriously pursue surrogacy by contacting a local agency.

“I was only 21 at the time, but I wasn’t interested in partying and drinking,” Shaniece said. “I wanted to help another couple fulfill their family dream.”

In case they didn’t approve, the steadfast young mother decided to keep her plans a secret from her parents. She quietly conducted her own research and went through the process by herself.

The second she met hopeful parents Joanna and Steve, she knew she wanted to help them. That’s when she shared the news with her loved ones.

Shaniece then flew to a specialist clinic in Los Angeles to have Joanna and Steve’s embryo implanted. It was a success! At 21 years old, Shaniece became one of the UK’s youngest surrogates.

Though she was only supposed to be carrying a son or daughter for the couple, Shaniece couldn’t help but notice her baby bump looked particularly huge.

Joanna and Steve attended Shaniece’s first prenatal scan — and the trio was stunned to learn they’d be having twins. The delighted couple immediately rushed out to buy baby supplies: times two.

But then, at the 10-week scan, Shaniece was shocked by what the midwives discovered.

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