101-Year-Old Veteran Rides A Harley One Last Time With 50 Bikers Behind Him

Many bikers who fall in love with motorcycles may consider themselves to be bikers for life. Motorcycles become their lives, and the one in their possession is their pride and glory. They aren’t just vehicles you ride on; they represent a way of life.

Ray Weser will turn 102 in December. Over those many years, his love for Harley-Davidsons has not waned.

The veteran fell in love with the bikes when he was just a teenager. He eventually went off to war — but worked for the company for a whopping 24 years. That’s dedication!

At his age, the sprightly elderly man cannot ride on his own anymore. Knowing that his years are numbered, his last wish was to ride one of the beautiful bikes one more time.

Thankfully, his community was able to make that happen for him!

Members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and the Grand Canyon Harley-Davidson came together to organize Weser’s last ride through Prescott Valley. The lifelong Harley lover couldn’t look more ecstatic to be in the seat of one of the bikes again!

His granddaughter later told KPHO that this event brought his life full circle, in a way.

Behind him, about 50 bikers joined him on his final ride to honor him.

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