Wife Goes Into Labor For 6th Time, But When Dad Looks Closer At Baby, He Screams ‘Oh My God’

This is one of those captured moments a family will cherish for generations to come.

Natalie and her husband Kennedy had been blessed with five children — all of the girls. But on March 8, 2017, everything changed for the family from Waldwick, New Jersey.

When Natalie learned she was pregnant again, she and Kennedy decided to keep their sixth baby’s gender a secret until the labor.

On March 8, Natalie underwent a scheduled C-section… armed with a camera to capture her husband’s reaction as their baby entered the world.

Kennedy was a nervous wreck, and it’s quickly clear that as much as he loves his girls, he’d been hoping for a boy for a very long time.

The nurse made sure Kennedy was absolutely ready for the verdict — which left him so emotional and riled that the doctor told him to sit down!

“It wasn’t a case of being excited; we were both stunned,” Natalie told Caters News.

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