2 Siblings Live In Old House For 70 Years And Then A Stranger Goes Inside To Find It Untouched

Siblings Jack and Audrey Newton inherited their family’s farmhouse and moved back in when their parents died.

The eccentric pair lived in the nine-bedroom Queen Anne-styled house together for over 70 years, farming the surrounding land into their late 80s.

Audrey passed away in 2011 and Jack passed away four years later at the age of 90. Since they were both unmarried and had no children, there were no direct living relatives to inherit their estate.

The deserted Grange Farm was set to be auctioned off, but it wasn’t until the auctioneers went through the front doors that the stunning truth was revealed.

Jack and Audrey had been living nearly 80 years in the past; the contents had not been touched since their late parents had inhabited the home in the 1940s!

A time capsule to the past — filled with a treasure trove of fascinating, haunting and Victorian-era contents — had been waiting there all along.

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