Woman Put In Awkward Position When She Got Hit On By Friend’s Fiance At Coffee Shop…

Walk into Starbucks and really can’t decide what I want, so Venti Blonde Roast it is (my go to). The guy behind me strikes up a conversation (normal, and I didn’t feel like being rude, I just wanted my COFFEE), but somewhere in the back of my mind I’m like “I KNOW THIS GUY.” I don’t know him, but I’ve seen pics of him and his fiancé. Guess what bro: I KNOW HER! (Lightbulb lights up in my mind)

Blah blah blah- at the end of this conversation, while my inner monologue is still rattling on, he asks for my phone number.

The little devil and angel are sitting on a park bench on my shoulder saying, “Finish him!!!”

So I do what any decent human being would do. Grab his phone and instead of putting in my number, I search for her name – boom, I find it and I call her!

I basically give her the run down and I will spare the details for my own crowning glory!

Yes, he just stood there while I made the call. I’m guessing it’s because he had no other choice being in a public place. Or he’s just really stupid enough to think I was calling my own phone. And yes, everyone in this Starbucks sat/stood there with their eyes wide open like, “oh no she didn’t!”

Needless to say, that was probably an embarrassing moment for him, but let it be known I don’t tolerate cheaters!

Let’s get the day started, shall we?

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