Lost Little Girl Can’t Find Mommy, So Tennis Player Stops The Entire Match

You don’t see this kind of thing often. A little girl was lost in the crowd, in tears, as she searched for her mother. On the other side of the stadium, there was her terrified mother, frantically searching for her lost little girl.

Famous tennis player Rafael Nadal was about to serve during a doubles exhibition match, but when he looked up at the crowd and saw the face of the scared mom, he stopped the entire match.

The tennis players patiently waited out on the court until the situation was rectified. That takes a lot of courage, to take your head out of the game when you’re in the zone — you could really risk losing. But it didn’t matter, the lost child was the number one priority at this moment.

The child with tears pouring down her eyes was spotted not too far away in the crowd. The mother and daughter ran to each other in an emotional embrace.

The crowd applauded and cheered knowing the child was safe.

In a crowded area, one minute your child is right next to you, then you turn your head and somehow they’ve disappeared. I know when I was a kid, I would accidentally make the mistake of going to hold a stranger’s hand, assuming she was my mom if we were at a carnival or a fair and I was distracted.

Things like this happen, but thank goodness these two were reunited quickly.

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