Alzheimer’s Facility Takes Residents On A Trip Down Memory Lane

Looking at it from the outside, you might not notice anything unusual or unique about the Lantern of Chagrin Valley, an Alzheimer’s facility that is specially designed for patients suffering from this debilitating disease and general dementia. Located in Ohio, in a Cleveland suburb, the buildings are designed to bring back memories of the 1940s, when most of the residents were in their teens or twenties.


As seniors stroll down inside the buildings, instead of feeling like they are in a hospital or health facility, they can enjoy what appear to be mini golf courses, and even daylight or a starry sky, courtesy of fiber optics, depending on the time of day.


Instead of a bland cement floor, the center was created to look as if it’s covered in grassy turf, and the designers even thought to add sounds of nature, such as song birds chirping.