He Was Extremely Angry When His Son Called Another Man “Dad”

Blended families are not easy. They’re hard to everyone, especially the child. Once you realize that the child is the only thing important in the picture, it makes it easier!

This is Brik’s stepdad Clint and I at the lake, spending time with him together for Father’s Day weekend! The smile on my son’s face is the only thing that’s special about this picture. Everything else should just be automatic for the sake of the child!

Clint and I couldn’t be more different from each other if we tried, but we have the only thing that matters in common; a son! I couldn’t ask for a better bonus dad for my son. Clint has loved him like his own blood from the very first day. He is there every time I can’t be, doing the things that I should be doing.

Was it always easy? No way. The first time Clint called him “Bubba” I cried. The first time Brik called him his dad, I bawled. I wanted to punch Clint in the face so many times I can’t count them, but 7 years later I thank the good Lord that never happened because Brik loves him very much! I respect Clint to the highest level for stepping up and giving Brik a bonus dad to fill my void!

Brik now has 2 awesome families. Twice the presents, twice the love, and twice the fun. He doesn’t have to dread going back and forth between mom and dads house. He now gets to choose where “he will have more fun” that day!

One piece of advice I could give every blended family is to throw the papers away and love the child together! It’s not a competition. It’s not a custody battle. It’s a child’s future and how he views the world. Show him that the world is love and allow God to direct your path in it! Happy Father’s Day to every dad, step-dad, bonus dad, or whoever has plays that role in your life!!!

blended family


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