They Rarely Believed Their Grandfather’s Stories, Until They Found This Box In His Attic

The Lopez family never believed their grandfather’s outlandish stories. But after he passed away, they made a startling discovery in his attic.

box in the attic 1

Their grandfather used to claim that he had located the treasure of Jose Gaspard, a notorious Spanish pirate. The children always enjoyed the story, but they never took it seriously, that is until they stumbled upon a mysterious box.

box in the attic 2

Among the things they found inside was a crude map of Tampa in the 1930s… but it didn’t stop there.

box in the attic 3

They found many Portuguese and Spanish coins from the 1700s, and disturbingly, a preserved human hand.

box in the attic 4

Visits to numerous antique stores revealed that the coins were indeed authentic.

box in the attic 5

But why would their grandfather keep a human hand? We may never know.

box in the attic 6

The Lopez family still doesn’t know what to make of this incredible discovery. While they don’t know what to do with the box, it is now considered a family heirloom.

box in the attic 7

Can you imagine finding out that this was real all along? If only they had believed their grandfather when he was still around!


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