Bruce Springsteen Pulls His Mother Onto The Stage In The Middle Of His Concert

What is it like to be the mother of The Boss? Pretty good, apparently! It’s clear that Adele Springsteen and her son Bruce enjoy a very special relationship as they dance together on a London stage to “Dancing in the Dark.” The two share laughter and smiles as they sway hand in hand at the 2013 Hard Rock Calling Festival.

It wasn’t the first time Adele had shared the stage with her rock star son. reports that she’s been caught on video “rocking out onstage with Bruce” as early as 1992; the same article shows The Boss doing some serious booty-shaking with his now 90-year-old mother on the Madison Square Garden stage in March 2016.

The joy that the two share in each other is evident in their interactions. Watch the video and see Springsteen’s grin as he beckons his mother onstage, and see her glow as they dance together as they had surely done hundreds of times before. It’s a moment of pure, personal magic that radiates through the crowd and even through video, somehow making the world feel like a better place.



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