19 Clever Cooking Tricks To Make Your Life A Lot Easier

Cooking can seem like a daunting task, and cooking well can seem downright intimidating. From the chefs on television to friends becoming “foodies,” everyone seems to be a critic of food these days.

Luckily, good cooking isn’t actually so hard. It just takes some tried-and-true tricks to make your everyday food ten times better, and before you know it you’ll be impressing your friends!

1. To keep onions from being too harsh, put them in cold water. This helps to neutralize the “odorous” sulfur compounds they contain.
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2. If you’re making a hot sandwich, make sure that the butter and cheese are room temperature before you start cooking. The butter will be more easily spread, and the cheese won’t dry out.
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3. When preparing your cup of coffee, add a pinch of salt to get rid of bitterness, and a dash of cinnamon to bring out the flavor of the drink.
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4. Prepare foods using broth instead of water for richer flavor.
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5. Instead of table salt, use kosher or sea salt. Table salt is not iodized so it won’t rid the meat of the smell of blood like salt or kosher salt can.
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6. Soften meat with a mixture of egg whites and corn starch. This combination can also be used as a base for a marinade.
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7. Bake a perfect cake without a recipe by making sure that the weight of the sugar is equal to the weight of the oil, and equal to the weight of the flour and eggs combined. Remember, this is measuring the weight not the volume.
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8. When baking, add a tiny bit of salt to the batter to bring out the flavors of the food.
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9. Add sweet mustard or peanut butter to stews or sauces to enhance the flavors.
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10. As a shortcut to poached eggs, pour water into a pan with fried eggs, cover the pan, and the results will be almost as good as really poaching them!
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