Whiten Your Yellow Teeth In Less Than 2 Minutes Guaranteed

Everyone is going “natural” these days. But when it comes to having the whitest, brightest teeth – and who doesn’t want a dazzling, knock-’em-dead smile – can natural cut the mustard? Absolutely! You just have to know what ingredients to use to exact the most blinding smile.

Here’s the good news: whereas many “natural” products can cost two or three times (or more) than their more chemically compounded counterparts, a natural whitening toothpaste is inexpensive and quite easy to make.

Of course, you’ll want to keep the basic ingredients in stock so you never run out, but that should be easy enough. All you need to have on hand is 1) baking soda and 2) virgin coconut oil. You’ll want to combine a few teaspoons of each (you can make it up fresh each night), in equal parts, and simply mix it up well.

The baking soda will give just enough gentle abrasion to remove plaque and food particles, while the coconut oil will lighten and brighten your enamel.

No more worrying about what some chemicals you can’t even name are doing to your teeth! Just keep these two simple ingredients on hand, and your smile should be more beautiful than ever before you know it.

Let’s face it: our smile is the first thing many people see about us and certainly communicates self-confidence (or lack thereof) to everyone we meet. Take the time to polish your pearly whites the natural way, and you’ll approach social interactions with a renewed sense of pizzazz.


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