Man Begins New Job And Learns He And His Co-Worker Are Both Deaf

I started a new job less than a week ago. I knew three people that worked there before I get there and they let me know that of one of their employees is deaf.

I lost a large portion of my hearing in Afghanistan, so I started learning sign language recently. When the time hit midnight, the deaf employee was walking around cleaning up, so I signed “Happy New Year” to him. He had such a huge grin on his face!

So after that, we talked (in sign language, mine extremely broken/new) for about 30 mins. Five other employees saw us talking, and then approached me later asking me about him. I told them the truth; he is hilarious! Great guy, I wish I would have approached him earlier, but due to scheduling conflicts, I didn’t work with him much. The deaf employee left happy today and said he looks forward to talking to me on a more regular basis.

I had three other employees hang out with me after work so I could teach them a few different sentences, their names, and other stuff. It was nice to see people take the interest, especially after working with this guy for one and a half years (no one talked to him). I can’t wait for him to show up to work on Monday because lots of people are waiting to talk to him!


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