A Room Full Of Beautiful Disney Princesses Surprise Little Girl At Her Adoption Hearing

A five-year-old Michigan girl named Danielle had been living with her foster parents, Sarah and Jim Koning, for over 2 years.  She still wasn’t legally adopted and if the judge didn’t let the adoption go through, the law says that Danielle would have to return to her biological parents. 

When the day of Danielle’s final adoption hearing arrived, they had something very special in store for her.

Danielle’s foster care case worker had everyone in the courtroom dress up like the Disney princesses Danielle loves so much!

disney princesses courtroom

Judge Patricia Gardner was in on the surprise when she revealed a Snow White costume underneath her robe!

disney princesses courtroom

The executive director of Danielle’s foster care program explained that they like to do something special for a child’s final hearing whenever they can, saying: “It’s obviously a very meaningful day, a joyous occasion. The hearing is definitely a celebration that the kids now have forever families. And it shows the love and compassion that our case workers have.”

disney princesses courtroom

Surrounded by her favorite characters and the people she loves, Danielle was officially and legally welcomed into her new family, along with another 1-year-old girl named Nevaeh.

The Konigs said: “We’ve been waiting so long for it and it feels really good to be able to settle and be a real family. We have been a real family, but to not have that looming over our head anymore is a pretty amazing feeling.”


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