How To Set Up A Fabulous Dressing Room

All of us want to have a separate room for all our shoes, clothes, and accessories. But considering the small size of most apartments this sounds more like a dream. However, a nice science called ergonomics can help us.

We post step-by-step instructions which can become an indispensable aid in building a compact, comfortable, and capacious dressing room in your apartment.

Step #1. Determine the dressing room’s goals

It’s important to know for sure what you’re going to keep in your dressing room:

  • men’s and/or women’s clothing and shoes
  • clothing for children and/or adults
  • all types of clothing / excluding outerwear
  • current season’s clothing / clothes for the whole year

dressing room tips and tricks 1

Step #2. Divide your dressing room into zones

First of all, you’d better get rid of unnecessary things. Then take all the clothes you’re going to wear and organize them by the method of storage.

1. Vertical space organization. Closet rods, shelf support brackets, and hangers are used to store:

  • shirts, blouses, jackets — the length is about 90-100cm
  • pants, jeans, skirts — 120-130cm
  • long dresses and outerwear — 140-180cm

dressing room tips and tricks 2

2. Drawers are perfect for storing:

  • woolen goods and knitwear (hangers can warp their shape as they’re heavy)
  • underwear
  • tights
  • socks
  • handkerchiefs
  • accessories

3. Shelves are required for storing shoes.

You can choose horizontal or vertical space organization. In the second case, it’s better to place the stuff you’re wearing this season at eye level. The rest, above or below. The shelves’ heights should be 20cm for summer footwear and 40-50cm for winter and autumn footwear.

dressing room tips and tricks 3

4. The upper shelf. You can place your seasonal or rarely used stuff here, as well as your bedding.

Step #3. Determine the size of dressing room zones

Look at your clothes and footwear and try to imagine how many zones you’ll need and what size they should be. To see the whole picture and understand your own needs better, you can draw a simple scheme of your dressing room divided into zones. Don’t forget to take into account the things that you’re going to buy in the near future.

Helpful tips

  • Say no to swing doors. As we’re trying to save space, it’s better to replace them with thick curtains.

dressing room tips and tricks 4

  • Pay close attention to your dressing room organization in order to save more space. See if you can put some household items in there (ironing board, drying rack).
  • Remember: one hanger = one garment. Otherwise your favorite blouse can wrinkle. Besides, you may forget about those jackets and dresses hanging under the other clothes, and you won’t be wearing them.
  • Try to use all the space you have. For example, use hooks to hang your bags or accessories.
  • Label everything. You can use stickers with a description to remember what’s in your boxes and baskets.
  • Put scented sachets in your dressing room. It’s better to choose one fragrance, and make sure that the aroma isn’t too strong.


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