10 Explosive Facts About Farts You Probably Didn’t Know

While farting is totally natural, allowing air from your rectum to expel, causing not just a stench but a satisfying relief, there are many things about the almighty fart which most people don’t know about.

Here are some odd farting facts that you will probably find very interesting!


1. Men fart more often as compared to women.

facts about farts

No it’s not true that women go hide in a corner and throw down stink bomb after stink bomb without anyone knowing. Men do in fact fart more often. And much more often in public!


2. The original meaning of Fart was to send forth as wind from the anus.

facts about farts

1632 was the year the word “fart” came into being.


3. An average human farts roughly 14 times a day.

facts about farts

Pretty surprising, right? Most men would have thought it was 3 times that!


4. You fart enough everyday to fill up a balloon.

facts about farts

So if your kid has a birthday coming up in a few weeks with a couple dozen kids, start farting into a balloon a day and they will all have their own balloon. Let’s hope for their families sake they don’t pop it when they get home.


5. Farting is a sign of healthy intestines.

facts about farts

Good to know that nasty stench is actually totally healthy!


6. Inhaling farts can be healthy.

Now this is pretty crazy, but indeed studies have revealed that exposure to hydrogen sulfide actually reduces mitochondrial damage! So take in a big whiff next time one of your buddies lets one loose!


7. Women’s farts are stinkier.

facts about farts

Alright, I knew women were not off the hook when it comes to farting! Turns out they have a higher concentration of hydrogen sulfide in their toots, hence the stench is greater.


8. Farts can be as fast as 10 feet per second.

How they measured this I have no idea…


9. Tighter the anus, louder the fart.

facts about farts

And you thought that big, slobby looking dude would win the prize for loudest honk. Nope, turns out that tight bodied yoga gal can likely take home the gold for loudness.


10 Soda and gum can make you fart more.

facts about farts

So if you want to up your fart game, start drinking some extra soda and chew some more gum!


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