She Gave Him A Ride To The Cemetery And He Said The Most Beautiful Thing Ever

I gave this man a ride today. He couldn’t stop crying. He was walking across town with flowers in his hand, and I asked him where I could take him. He said the cemetery. He was still crying and saying ‘God Bless You’ I took him to the cemetery and waited for him. Could hear him talking to the headstone and what I heard changed my life.

He said “Mom, I made you a promise when was young that I’d buy you flowers for every all your birthdays. Today is your birthday, and I thought I was going to break my promise because I was going to take my own life. But this woman came out of nowhere so generous and godly, and she offered me a ride to you. She noticed me. She told me that God has a plan for me. And she probably thinks I’m crazy because I can’t stop crying. But I can’t stop crying because her name is Emily. That’s your name. Mom, you saved me.”


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