Granny Pods Are Perfect Houses For Seniors

We can never repay our parents for bringing us into the world and raising us into adulthood. There is no one else in the world who could invest as much time, care, and effort into us as they do. So, when you’re all grown up and have a family of your own, it’s sometimes hard to allocate as much time to your parents. However, they will age and become elderly, requiring more care and attention than ever before.

It’s always a difficult decision to place your parents in assisted-living. Unfortunately, this is the best option for many busy, working adults who are already struggling with balancing their jobs and taking care of a family. At least in a nursing home, elderly individuals are tended to around-the-clock in case of an emergency. If they continue to live alone, you and your family will constantly be worried.

Now, there is a fantastic alternative to placing your parents into a nursing home while still maintaining your personal space and privacy. The past couple of years have seen a rising popularity in tiny homes, but now there is a version of them that is specifically catered toward elderly people. MEDcottages – sometimes called “granny pods” – are engineered to be a separate addition to the main house, where elderly parents can reside. Each feature of the home is designed with elderlies’ needs in mind, allowing them full independence and privacy while ensuring their safety in case of an emergency. To learn more about these innovative homes, check out the video below.



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