Italian Artist Spends Nearly 800 Hours Creating Masterpieces

While most quality artwork involves a lot of time in thought, preparation and of course actual execution, for Emanuele Dascanio, the practice of churning out a completed piece can involve an entire month’s work of grueling detail and exact precision.

This Italian artist has the gift of patience as well as the highly skilled talent to create these incredible works. They are super hyperrealistic drawings which you would think are photographs upon first glance, and second and third glance! But they are actual illustrations, hand-drawn, which are created both in a style that is part technical schooling-based, and highly personal.

The schooling part comes from his studies of classic Renaissance techniques from fellow Italian artist Gianluca Corona. The personal style comes from how he is able to uniquely blend classical and contemporary style, using charcoal and graphite.

The total time spent crafting each work? Upwards of 780 hours! You’ll realize how precise, and how patient, this artist really is once you examine these incredible masterworks.

Check out his work and be sure to share them with all of your art loving friends and family!

Check out some of Dascanio’s jaw-dropping illustrations below:

italian artist drawings 1

italian artist drawings 2

italian artist drawings 3

italian artist drawings 4

italian artist drawings 5

italian artist drawings 7

italian artist drawings 8

italian artist drawings 9

italian artist drawings 10

italian artist drawings 11

italian artist drawings 12


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