Tiger Who Was Kept Illegally In Cages For Years Is Now Learning To Become A Wild Animal Again

Hoover the tiger spent most of his days locked up in a tiny metal cage, while being forced to perform dangerous tricks in a Peruvian circus. Hoover was the last remaining survivor of the 12-tiger act.

Life of a tiger1

The Animal Defenders International group got a legitimate tip about where the circus was performing it’s illegal animal acts.  The circus was on the run for 8 months before being caught.  Hoover was rushed from his tiny caged home to a rehabilitation center where he was treated for malnutrition and a plethora of other health issues. Soon he was strong and happy!

Life of a tiger2

Big Cat Rescue center in Florida  took Hoover in and released him out into the wide, open habitat. He was finally in his forever home! The marshes and vast wilderness are perfect for Hoover to stretch his legs and learn to become a wild tiger again.

Life of a tiger3


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