Woman Was Stunned When He Began Flashing His Money

So something interesting happened to me at one of my jobs yesterday. Long story short a guy came in buying clothes for his niece or daughter or whatever. And this was how our conversation went that ruined my day.

Him: how old are you?

Me: 22

Him: Oh okay. Well, I was wondering if I can take you out.

Me: I’m seeing someone

Him: Oh okay… well now let me ask you this. What’s his bank account like? (Pulls out a stack of hundreds and starts flashing it to me.)

The woman behind him: Did you not hear her?! She said she was seeing someone. Honey are you happy?

Me: Vey happy. It’s not about money.

Him: (laughs) that’s what they all say. It’s always about money. Watch I’ll be back, and I’m sure then you’ll change your mind. Besides, there’s more where that came from. (Grabs things and walks out.)

Men like him disgust me. If you seriously think that’s what all women want, you’re dead wrong. But boy did that ruin the rest of my day yesterday. If I wasn’t on the clock, I would have slapped him by hard across the face and throw him out.

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