US Government Finally Declares Cannabis Can Really Kill Cancer Cells

Cannabis killing cancer cells? That’s the conclusion that researchers commissioned by the United States government have discovered.

It was done by a team at St. the George’s University of London. They discovered that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) actually weakened cancer cells while making them more susceptible to radiation treatment!

Published in 2014 in the medical journal Molecular Cancer Therapies, the study discovered that in fatal types of brain cancer where cannabinoids were used in conjunction with radiation therapy, “dramatic reductions” were found.

Here’s what lead researcher, Dr. Wai Liu, had to say:

“We’ve shown that cannabinoids could play a role in treating one of the most aggressive cancers in adults. The results are promising… it could provide a way of breaking through glioma [tumors] and saving more lives.”

The NIDA report said the following:

“Recent animal studies have shown that marijuana can kill certain cancer cells and reduce the size of others.”

“Evidence from one animal study suggests that extracts from whole-plant marijuana can shrink one of the most serious types of brain tumors. Research in mice showed that these extracts, when used with radiation, increased the cancer-killing effects of the radiation.”

Cannabis has been a Schedule I status drug since 1970 due to the Controlled Substances Act and is not associated with medical use.

Apparently, the hope was that the study would prove otherwise and they could brush off the medical related use of marijuana as it relates to cancer treatment.

As more states just voted in marijuana legalization, and this study is showing the benefits it has for a cancer treatment, it seems that the tide is going to be forced to turn.

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